It's a fact....Divorce happens- and it hurts our children most!  I know because I've been there to.  But now YOU can do something to help the child in your life survive their parents' divorce.  One out of five children has a learning or behavioral problem due to the family system changing. (National Center for Health Statistics)  Help the child in your life now! In fact, you can help them love themselves during and after their parents' divorce!  Look inside of this book that is a wonderful tool to help facillitate conversation with kids who are caught in the shuffle of divorce.

YOU CAN help the child in your life understand his living circumstances due to divorce.  This book will help you communicate these things - and more - to this child in a loving and affirming way.

*That they are not alone*That it's okay to miss their parents and their things*That both of their parents love them very much*How to think of their new life and routines*How to find the positives in a very difficult situation*That it's okay to be frustrated*And more...

You love these children as much as life itself.  Now it's time to be proactive and help them heal from the pain of divorce.

Click on the links to the .wav sound files to hear kids read sections of the book and share their thoughts  about missing their parents.   To view a PDF file of the entire book, please see link at the bottom of this page.  (Depending on  Windows version sound files may not be operable)   Order it Now


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We're Having a Tuesday, text and illustrations are copyrighted 2006, DK Simoneau and AC Publications Group LLC.  Click PDF link below to view entire book.



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