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" I help divorced parents and their kids survive and thrive in their shared custody or split family living situations " -- DK  Simoneau  

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Coping with Shared Custody? Simple tools that can help! 

Know a divorced family?  It seems that we all do.  With DK's book and other tools on this website, now you can help them heal from the pain of divorce and learn to live in their split family living situation more effectively.  Start by getting a copy of the beautifully illustrated book, We're Having A Tuesday.  Inside you'll read the story of a young girl going through the pain and confusion of her own parents' divorce.  You'll also find pages to help facilitate converstation with the child in your life about their own frustrations.  Learn more about how this tool can help a child in your life learn to cope with divorce and split family living by Clicking Here . Next, learn about how using DK as a personal coach can help you and your kids survive and thrive in a more harmonious shared parenting situation.  Click Here . Browse articles and numerous tips on how to help children and families live in split families more effectively. Click Here .  Use the discussion board to relate to other parents in your same situation.  Coming Soon!

wb_for_you_graphic.jpgOn the Outside Looking In:
How to Make a Difference for a Child of Divorce even as a Bystander

Divorce these days surrounds us. Children everywhere are affected.  It affects our grandkids, our nieces and nephews, our neighbors, our students or patients, and many other kids that touch our daily lives. Sometimes on the outside it’s hard to know what to do. After all, these kids are missing their parents.They are subjected to different rules and routines. Sometimes they are even the victims of intense emotional battles that rage between their parents. From the outside looking in, it’s a helpless feeling watching these situations. So just what can you do?  Here are ten suggestions to help...Click here to read full article


dkdecember.jpg ABOUT THE AUTHOR

DK Simoneau grew up as a child of divorce and now is a real-life divorced mother of two. Her experiences on both sides of divorce have given her the ability to relate to both the parents and the children of split-family situations.  Though not an advocate of divorce, she quickly realized how fast split-family living had become commonplace.  She is now a devoted authority on living 'split-family' more effectively.  The noticeable changes in her own children on transition days motivated her to create tools to help facilitate conversation between children and on-looking adults.  Originally an accountant by profession, her children’s love for books has inspired her to write stories that teach and validate as well as stimulate everlasting curiosity in reading.  She lives in Lakewood, Colorado, 'sometimes' with her two children where she is currently working on several other book projects.   Read more...

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